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Rainbow trout study in pastel colors, original fish art in acrylic

Small 6x8 Rainbow Trout study in soft pastel colors. daily fish art acrylic painting 


Teak and Holly cabin sole, the easiest and least expensive way
How to make faux Teak and Holly cabin sole inexpensively in under a day.

Fly Fishing art, New top water trout stream painting, fish art
Second trout painting in a series of top water fish art I have been working on. Concentrating more on abstract shapes and movement in the water to portray a trout rising from

Trout and Mayfly abstract fish painting 1
Trout and Mayfly abstract fish painting #1. 30"x30" Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

A floating art studio and a little insanity to get there
A few years ago my wife Donna-lee and I decided that since we could never seem to get used to living in one place we would buy an older sailboat and try life on the sea. Being a painter who specializes primarily in fish art we thought this might be a logical choice. We both grew up near the ocean and the inspiration it

Tail view trout study, 6x8 fish art painting in acrylic
Different angle on a rainbow trout. Sometimes its easy to get comfortable with certain views on any particular type of fish art. Due to the fact that they have a pretty simple body shape

Blue Ringed Octopus study, 6x8 painting in acrylic
Working on expanding the species range to include other fish art and interesting sea creatures. The Blue Ringed Octopus is a beautiful and deadly

Snook Study, acrylic painting on board, Fish art
Snook painting, original fish art in acrylic 6x8" on board  Snook study in acrylic 6x8. Have decided to hold off on the whole auction thing for a bit because to be quite honest with you all the new auction fee's posting time etc there

Finally found our new floating art studio!
Well it has been a long search, but I am happy to say that after a quick 2 day hellride from New Hampshire to Maryland and back we have finally purchased our first sailboat to explore the ocean in. Her name is Sojourn and we think

Rainbow Trout Sketch in acrylic 6x8 abstract fish painting
Started working on this trout art and got to a point where I simply thought it said enough. So I decided to leave some of the sketch showing through with more finished areas and thought it made an interesting abstract of a trout eye and general shape.

Roosterfish abstract daily fish painting tropical fly fishing art
Haven't painted a Roosterfish in awhile but then I havent seen one in awhile either. I first encountered these bruisers while fishing down in Costa Rica. With the exception of the teeth I find them with a lot of the same

Tarpon and fly Study 8x6" Tarpon painting in oil fish art daily painting
Tarpon Face study in oil with fly. This 6x8 colorful flyfishing art, fish art daily painting is now up for auction

SAVLEN ~ ORIGINAL BLUEFISH Daily Gamefish PAINTING Flyfishing Surf Fishing ART
As surf fishing season arrives I cannot stop thinking about the boiling waters and feeding frenzies of Bluefish and Stripers in new England. Fantastic time to get out the surf rod or fly rod and chase them down the beach. Bluefish are one of the craziest

Permit fish painting topwater flats fishing study daily painting
I have always been intrigued by the abstract liquid form and color when looking at a fish swim under the surface.  When fishing the flats or sight fishing you usually only see a twisted flash of color and shadow. At the moment I am working on a new  

New daily fish art. Decided to do a species of fish I have never painted before. Bluegill and sunfish are very pretty little freshwater fish and can be hard fighters on a fly rod. As kids we used to catch millions of  

Rainbow Trout, small colorful original daily painting, fly fishing art
Rainbow Trout face expressionist color study, small 6x8 original acrylic on board auction. This small original opens at $100 with no reserve. Looking to add a small splash of color to your wall? Accent or starter piece to

Mahi Mahi original daily painting 6x8 acrylic on board
New Mahi Mahi painting. Decided to let a little more ground show through on this one to contrast the green. Mahi Mahi daily painting Fly fishing and sportfishing art 6x8 acrylic on masonite. Auction starting at $100 to place a bid CLICK HERE  

Bonefish topwater painting, fly fishing art flats study auction
Forgot to post this Bonefish painting earlier but my head is still foggy from all that mountain air and beautiful brook trout caught over the weekend. Continuing to use a half inch brush 

Trout study paintings, small fish art originals auction
Actually took the weekend off to do some fly fishing for trout in Northern New Hampshire over the weekend. So here are the new ones that are already up for auction. First is a Rainbow Trout painting and

Tarpon Face study in Oil, going fly fishing for the weekend
I had actually done this study a couple of months ago but wanted to post something today. The reason I am not painting today is that for the first time this year I am breaking out the fly fishing gear and heading